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Guns N' Hoses is a female owned and led company servicing Ottawa and the surrounding area. Vanessa, our company owner opened Guns N' Hoses in August of 2018. Having graduated high school earlier than her peers, with her college course already completed at Ottawa Algonquin campus, Vanessa set out to into the roofing industry. Starting from the bottom Vanessa started our as a labour worker cleaning debris, assisting installers and most importantly learning proper safety protocol for her work environment. With her dedication to her new found love of labour, Vanessa began to learn all aspects of asphalt roofs. Within a few years time she climbed the ladder so to speak. After 5 years of hard work, dedication and learning, Vanessa opened her doors for the first time.

"My late uncle was once a licensed carpenter and an extraordinary craftsman, he taught me the quality and value or working hard and to take pride in my tasks. He always told me "work like you don't need the money". He was a huge Rock N' Roll fan, so in his memory I just felt the name was very appropriate."

Naming the company with her late uncle in mind, She began her journey as a sub-contractor working for some of Ottawa's largest most reputable Roofing Contractors for over 3 years. Having completed jobs such as the Ottawa Experimental Farm's Dairy Barn, the Marshes Golf Course, The Tanzanian Embassy, The Russian Consulate and ample residential roofs of both high and low slopes, there is no job too big or too small for the Guns N' Hoses team! Eager to teach her passion of roofing to others looking for their place in the working industry, Vanessa built her first crew! Continuously learning as a young entrepreneur, Vanessa endlessly aspires to keep climbing the ladder. 

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At Guns N' Hoses we take pride in our workmanship and value quality materials. Which is why we have a strict uniform installation process and provide only the best roofing materials possible! If it's not good enough for our house, it's certainly not good enough for yours!

Our approach to your roof will include the following

  • A representative will help guide you through our entire process.

  • Full vapor barrier before shingle installation.

  • Protection of your lawn, garden, interlock, deck and siding.

  • Before, After and During installation pictures.

  • Uniform installation patterns.

  • Storm Nail pattern ensuring the strongest fastening method.


Owens Corning Duration laminated shingles feature patented SureNail Technology, offering a 209km/hr wind rating and more, in their 50 year limited lifetime manufacturer warranty. Duration shingles also provide a stunning variety of colours that stand out from other manufacturers.

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